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Rest API v1


Python Learning helps to track posts, tags, and users metadata from new updates for web applications.
It is designed as a REST service. Please register first to get new API.

Per-Site Methods

Each of these methods operates on a single site at a time, identified by the site parameter.

UrlDescriptionauth requiredmethods
api/v1/loginTo get a token authenticationnoPOST
api/v1/logoutTo logout from token requestyesGET
api/v1/authTo check API authenticationyesGET
api/v1/postsTo get the posts (with filter or no)yesGET, POST
api/v1/posts/tagged/{slug}To get the posts contains with specific tagyesGET
api/v1/posts/author/{username}To get the posts contains with specific authoryesGET
api/v1/posts/detail/{slug}To get the detail postyesGET, PUT, DELETE
api/v1/tagsTo get the tagsyesGET, POST
api/v1/tags/detail/{slug}To get the detail tagyesGET
api/v1/usersTo get the usersyesGET
api/v1/users/detail/{username}To get the detail useryesGET, PUT